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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are lucky to last past January.

Here are some hints & tips to make sure that those resolutions to moderate your alcohol intake and adopt sensible drinking habits are not abandoned that quickly.

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Know the Reasons Behind the Resolution

There are plenty of reasons for drinking responsibly. You may be concerned about health problems, perhaps you want to lose weight or improve family relationships. Keep these reasons in mind to maintain your motivation.

Get Real

While it’s great to make a resolution, it’s even better to keep them realistic. The Department of Health and Children advises that low risk weekly limits are up to 11 standard drinks for women and up to 17 standard drinks for men. Drinks should be spaced out over the week, with some alcohol–free days, and you should have no more than 5 drinks in one sitting.

Changing your drinking behaviour can seem daunting. Check out our Hints and Tips section for practical ways to cut down.

Get the Know-how to Know When

Set up your own personal online Drinks Diary.  The diary adds up the drinks you have consumed in any given week so you can easily compare your drinking with the recommended weekly low risk limits. As an added feature, you can also keep an account of your spending by calculating how much each drink costs.

Become Drinkaware

Do you know what affects the amount of alcohol in your blood? Need advice on how to get home safely after a night out? Want to know how to avoid hangovers? On this website you can find out why and how alcohol affects your body and mind – whatever your circumstances.

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