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How Many Standard Drinks?

How Many Standard Drinks?

One standard drink equates to 10 grams of pure alcohol. Your liver can only remove roughly one standard drink per hour.

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Source: HSE

Standard Drinks at home…

If you are having drinks at home, don’t forget to keep track of your measurements as well as how many Standard Drinks you are consuming.

NAGGIN OF SPIRIT    200 ml 6*
CAN OF BEER/LAGER    500 ml 2*
BOTTLE OF WINE     750 ml   7.5*

*The above figures are approximate and may differ depending on %ABV.

The Department of Health and Children advises that up to 11 standard drinks a week for women and up to 17 standard drinks a week for men is considered low risk. It is important that they are spread out over the week and not saved for one session or big night out, and that no more than 5 standard drinks are consumed in one sitting.

It is advised that when you do drink that you consume plenty of water or non-alcoholic beverages between alcoholic drinks. Don’t forget: when these limits are consistently exceeded, health risks start to accumulate.

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